Refinance Your Home Loan & Save Big

Refinancing your home loan1 could help lower your mortgage payments, get a lower interest rate and shorten the term of your home loan. Start saving today!

Home Refinance
We’re Here to Answer Your Mortgage Refinancing Questions
  • How can I apply to refinance my current home loan?
    You can apply online to refinance your home loan, by calling us toll-free at 1.800.772.4328 or by visiting any GECU location.
  • What documents do I need to provide to refinance my mortgage?

    For your home loan application, we will review your two-year employment and housing history, along with a review of your assets. As every situation is unique, required documentation may vary. Below is a list of documents that you may need throughout the process.

    • Two most-recent W-2s
    • Two most-recent Federal Tax Returns
    • Pay stubs for the last 30 days
    • Two current, valid forms of identification (e.g., driver’s license, state-issued ID, Social Security card)
    • Most-recent bank statements for the last two months
    • Proof of any other income (Social Security, retirement, etc.)
  • Are there any fees associated with refinancing my home loan?
    A mortgage refinance generally requires the typical closing costs associated with a real estate transaction. These costs may include title insurance, lender fees, attorney fees, appraisal, taxes and more, and may generally be financed into the loan.
  • I have a 30-year mortgage. Am I able to refinance it to a 15-year mortgage?
    Everyone’s situation is different. Contact us today toll-free at 1.800.772.4328 to speak with a home loan professional.
  • What is refinancing?
    Refinancing is when you reapply for a loan that you currently have to revise the current terms of the loan.
  • When should I refinance my mortgage?
    There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the best time to refinance your home loan. Contact us today toll-free at 1.800.772.4328, and speak with a home loan professional to see what your options are.
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1All loans are subject to credit qualification and approval. The property must be located in Texas or New Mexico. Certain fees and conditions apply.
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